Making the Business Case for Content Clarity

Think back to the past week and all the content you consumed. Did you read anything that was so muddled that you had to reread it? Did you receive any long, rambling emails that you had to spend 10 minutes decoding?

How to Make The Business Case for Clarity

Content Connections 2017 – How to Make The Business Case for Clarity Learn what Brian Moynihan thinks about the importance of plain language. Speaker: Deborah S. Bosley, Owner, Principal / Associate Professor Emerita, The Plain Language Group / UNC Charlotte  

How to Meet Compliance Requirements for Plain Language

“How to Meet Compliance Requirements for Plain Language” for the Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE), January 2015 Speaker: Deborah Bosley, Owner Principal, The Plain Language Group Download the PDF

Demand to Understand: How Plain Language Makes Life Simpler | Deborah Bosley | TEDxCharlotte

Tired of trying to read information that is confusing, complex, and irritating? I believe that as citizens we have the right to receive information that is clear, concise, and credible. This talk with teach you what you can do to insist on clarity.

Empathy: The Forgotten Element of Plain Language Communication

Keynote Address PLAIN 2015 Conference | Dublin, Ireland