Straightforward speaking and writing inspires trust and builds client relationships

From Investment News – The Leading News Source for Financial Advisers By Libby Dubick President Harry S. Truman, known for his plain speaking, could teach a thing or two to today’s financial advisers. A survey of 1,200 investors by New York-based branding firm Siegel+Gale found that 66% believed that financial institutions intentionally made information complex to hide something. The use of clear, jargon-free language would engender trust, 84% of those surveyed said. “If Read more […]

The language we choose has helped shape U.S. energy debate

The power of words By Elwin Green, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette When President George W. Bush delivered his 2006 State of the Union address, some observers were struck by his declaration that America was “addicted to oil.” After all, “addiction” typically carries the implication that the addictive substance is inherently bad. It also can imply the addict is a victim or lacks willpower. “It makes it seems as if the consumer has the means to discontinue using gas or oil, as if the responsibility Read more […]

COFFEE BREAK: Expert cuts the confusion out of business documents

by SUSAN TODD / STAR‐LEDGER STAFF Deborah Bosley has a thing about gobbledygook. One of her specialties is clarifying the mumbo jumbo many public companies use to describe their executive compensation in regulatory documents. Those long, confusing cell phone statements, well, Bosley would love to get her hands on them. Deborah Bosley runs the Plain Language Group consulting firm. An English professor at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, Bosley also runs the Plain Language Read more […]