Credit card reforms could help statements

By Don Mecoy Deborah Bosley dug into her credit card disclosure statement to find the section on average daily loan balances. It took a few minutes for the English professor to locate the section, buried among lines of complex fine print. What she found was a 102‐word paragraph laboriously describing how the amount was calculated. Bosley, a plain language expert, translated the text into common English, and carved nearly 30 words out of the passage. “The language is so convoluted Read more […]

Speaking the (clear) language of success

Charlotte Business Journal ‐ by Adam O’Daniel Staff writer Deborah Bosley is turning big words into big money. Bosley is the founder of The Plain Language Group, a Charlotte firm that works with large companies to translate complicated legal and technical information into easy‐to‐ understand words and phrases. How did you recognize plain language as a business opportunity? Everywhere you look, you see ineffective, jargon‐filled, incomprehensible writing. Bad writing costs Read more […]