Live from Austin, Texas — Why Plain Language Matters, and Why You Should Care


BY KORTNEY NORDRUM — June 2, 2014 The Higher Education Compliance Conference got off to a great state this morning with Dr. Deborah Bosley imploring the hundreds of us in the general session to “keep it simple.” Through the use of comics and real-life examples, Deborah illustrated the importance of using plain language in our communications. While applicable to everything we write, Deborah’s speech was particularly relevant to compliance professionals, since you’re often the ones writing Read more […]

Experts offer tips and tricks for translating benefits jargon into plain English

By Kathleen Koster in Employee Benefits News – After featuring EBN readers’ pet peeves for HR and benefits communication in a slide show, we went to the experts for advice on improving HR communication strategy and techniques. To employees’ ears, terms like “tax-sheltered annuities” and “FSA” may sound closer to gibberish than benefits phrases. HR professionals are often so close to 401(k) plan details or busy implementing behind-the-scenes health reform requirements that they forget not everyone Read more […]