Empathy: The Forgotten Element of Plain Language Communication

Keynote Address

PLAIN 2015 Conference | Dublin, Ireland

Plain Talking: Gobbledygook Costs Money and Risks Lives

BY CONOR POPE, THE IRISH TIMES — Needlessly complicated communication from pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals could be putting patients’ lives at risk, a conference on plain language taking place in Dublin has been told. The 10th International Plain Conference, which promotes clearer language among businesses and state organisations, heard that communication in the health sector was frequently a matter of life and death - and fear of litigation rather an attempt to communicate Read more [...]

Plain and Simple: How to Create Great Content Using Plain Language Strategies

BY THE ACROLINX TEAM — We recently had the opportunity to run a webinar with Deborah Bosley. Deborah is the owner and principal of The Plain Language Group, a consulting and strategy firm based out of the Southeastern United States. For more than 20 years, Deborah has worked with some of the largest companies in the world, helping them figure out how to make plain language part of their content strategies. The Q&A that follows is adapted from her presentation. Acrolinx Team: Deborah, you Read more [...]

These Companies Have the Best (And Worst) Privacy Policies

FROM DEBORAH S. BOSLEY — I’m on the board of the Center for Plain Language. Time Magazine Online contacted us about assessing the understandability of privacy policies for a variety of companies. I was one of the judges. Google was the best.   TIME teamed up with the Center for Plain Language to rank privacy policies from readable to ridiculous BY KATY STEINMETZ — August 6, 2015 Only the most diligent among us actually read technology companies’ privacy policies, though Read more [...]

Deborah Bosley invited to join the Council of Advisors for the Institute for Fiduciary Standard

Deborah Bosley of The Plain Language Group has been invited to join the Council of Advisors for the Institute for Fiduciary Standards. She will advise the board on Best Practices for RIAs and Plain Language. From the News Release: Washington D. C., July 9  — The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard today inaugurated a Chairman’s Council of independent advisory firms who espouse strong fiduciary business practices and place their client’s best interests ahead of their own at all times. Nine Read more [...]

Deborah Bosley, Guest Editor for Issue #72 of The Clarity Journal

Deborah Bosley of The Plain Language Group is Guest Editor for Issue #72 of The Clarity Journal, published by Clarity, the international association promoting plain legal language. FROM DEBORAH - "When Julie Clement asked if I would guest edit an issue of Clarity, I jumped at the chance. She asked that the issue consist of articles from presentations given at the October 2013, PLAIN conference in Vancouver, CA. This is that issue. The conference provided me with a wealth of possible articles, Read more [...]

Enjoy a Quick, 30 Minute Webinar Packed Full with Plain Language Information

On Demand: Plain and Simple: Create Great Content with Plain Language Strategies Good writing is good business. Join Deborah S. Bosley Ph.D., to learn how using plain language saves time, increases profits, and improves customer trust. http://www.acrolinx.com/webinars/ Read more [...]

Interview with a Plain Language Expert

BY FIONA CULLINAN — Firehead October 28, 2014 Deborah Bosley heads up The Plain Language Group, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. In our latest job Q&A, we go behind the scenes of her work as a plain language practitioner to find out how it helps business and how to make it your career. You can read about more digital communication jobs in our interview series. What’s your job title? Founder and Owner of The Plain Language Group. What does your work involve? Developing Read more [...]

Live from Austin, Texas — Why Plain Language Matters, and Why You Should Care

BY KORTNEY NORDRUM — June 2, 2014 The Higher Education Compliance Conference got off to a great state this morning with Dr. Deborah Bosley imploring the hundreds of us in the general session to “keep it simple.” Through the use of comics and real-life examples, Deborah illustrated the importance of using plain language in our communications. While applicable to everything we write, Deborah’s speech was particularly relevant to compliance professionals, since you’re often the ones writing Read more [...]

Quoted in article: U.S. Agencies Learning Clarity

BY MICHAEL DRESSER — The Baltimore Sun Updated May 8, 2014 It isn't often that one hears the word "stellar" used to describe a federal form. Nevertheless, that's the term Annetta Cheek, a leading advocate of clarity in how government communicates with citizens, uses to praise the form that took the Grand ClearMark Award this spring in the annual contest run by the Center for Plain Language. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau uses the form to lay out exactly what a home mortgage Read more [...]