We bring clarity to complex information.

Written information that’s clear and easy-to-use is more than simply a good idea. It also saves you time and money, and is a crucial part of customer trust. We provide these approaches and services:

Exceed Compliance + Legal Requirements | Provide Expert Testimony
  • Implement Dodd-Frank, Credit Card Act, HIPAA, ERISA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Affordable Care Act, Form ADV Part II, and other regulations, to comply with plain language requirements.
  • Exceed the SEC requirements for plain language in proxy statements, Compensation and Disclosure Analysis, Management Disclosure Analysis, 10-Ks, and other financial documents.
  • Serve as expert witness to determine if documents meet legal requirements for plain language
Develop + Test + Redesign Documents
  • Translate existing information into plain language.
  • Write disclosure or compliance material.
  • Design customer information for easy reading.
  • Develop style guides customized for your business.
  • Conduct Document Analysis + Usability Testing to discover what customers understand.
Design + Deliver Customized Training
  • Train employees using site-specific documents from your workplace.
  • Offer plain language presentations to infuse improve internal and external communications