Exceptional User Experience Begins with Words: Plain Language in the Financial Sector

Presentation held at Face of Finance 2019 Conference, Bentley University NY – April, 5 2019

Deborah Bosley explained how much time and money is wasted in corporations as a result of bad design and unclear communication. $396 billion is lost annually in the financial sector, through calls to customer service, incomprehensive letters, forms, applications, policies, websites that do not deliver and posts on social media exposing problems. Dr. Bosley outlined the challenges that content presents and showed the benefits of using plain language and good text design to make financial information more understandable. The many examples and simple rules provided very practical take-aways that we all could use to make information more accessible.

OVERVIEW: Studies show that the use of plain language increases customer loyalty, improves customer relationships, decreases wasted time and money, and meets regulatory requirements for “clear and conspicuous” language. Despite evidence to the contrary, most financial institutions have not embraced plain language information for customers except when required to (as in the new emphasis on clarity in privacy policies).

TAKEAWAY: This presentation will explain what “clear and conspicuous” means in terms of plain language, give you examples of text that meets those requirements, and help you make the business case for plain language for all content including Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, and other required disclosures. You will learn that meeting regulatory requirements enhances your company’s brand by making it easy for customers to do business with you.


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