Hearing on Controversial N.H. Voting Law SB3 Wraps Up

CASEY MCDERMOTT, NEW HAMPSHIRE PUBLIC RADIO — The plaintiffs called on Bosley, a communications consultant who spent decades teaching technical writing, to analyze the readability of the language on new voter registration documents used under SB3.

Specifically, Bosley looked at the new voter registration form and a set of instructions given to voters about what steps they need to take to follow the new voting law. She performed a series of tests analyzing the documents’ complexity and the reading comprehension level someone would need to understand them.

Based on that analysis, Bosley said the new voting documents require a reading comprehension level equivalent to several advanced degrees.

Of the new voter registration form, Bosley said, “The grade level scored at 43.39. Which, I don’t know — three PhDs? Four PhDs? I don’t even know what that grade level would be.”

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