These Companies Have the Best (And Worst) Privacy Policies

FROM DEBORAH S. BOSLEY — I’m on the board of the Center for Plain Language. Time Magazine Online contacted us about assessing the understandability of privacy policies for a variety of companies. I was one of the judges. Google was the best.


TIME teamed up with the Center for Plain Language to rank privacy policies from readable to ridiculous

BY KATY STEINMETZ — August 6, 2015

Only the most diligent among us actually read technology companies’ privacy policies, though we all should. They lay out what the companies that we interact with daily are collecting and sharing about us—not to mention, in some cases, about our families and friends and everyone else we happen to correspond with.

But it’s not just on us, the users, to make an effort. Companies can package this information in a place that’s easy to find and in way that’s easy to understand and act on, or they can bury it beneath mounds of tedious legalese in some cobweb-strewn corner of their website.

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